My Story

I grew up surrounded by resourceful woman. When someone was ill, they knew the remedy; when something was broken, they fixed it: a rocking chair, a tinker toy, a broken bone, or a broken heart. When I reached early adulthood, I realized that my generation had largely lost the magic - we no longer new how to fix things. I failed to carry on their legacy. I would have struggled to change a tire, much less remedy an escalating fever or lower back pain. And I've known since that moment that I wanted to know what they knew, and that's why I am here, now: the legacy and art and research of holistic remedy. 

Image by Toa Heftiba

My Approach

My story isn't nearly as important to your self-healing journey as your

story is. I do, however, hope to be apart of yours, if you are needing companionship and/or guidance. The body is scientifically miraculous, and was designed to ascend far beyond pain, suffering, discomfort and grief. I believe building a village of health and wellness professionals and modalities you trust will help you better navigate true wellness. Life, then, will be as it was intended to be: full, rich, energized and joyful. 

I look forward to meeting you, and working to find your path to healing.

Until then,