Zone Work

A contact method for self-healing, using the body's own

signal systems to find true health & wellness. 

with Jess

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Available Treatments

Reiki Treatment
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Reflexology Therapy

FaceZone  |  60 min.

BackZone  |  90 min.

FootZone  |  120 min.

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When I visited Jess for my first face zone, had you asked me what “ailed” me, I would have

replied that I felt fine. Nothing felt physically wrong, so you may understand why I was wary of

the practice as a whole. However, through Jess’s zoning technique and practice, it was brought to

my attention what was bothering me! Often times we don’t realize the pain or hurt we are

carrying, but this process allows you to really see yourself and self-evaluate, and not only that,

but then repair what is broken or hurting! It is a beautiful process and experience, and I cannot

recommend Jess more. Go see her!

Grace   |   Logan, UT

Zoning with Jess has been awesome. I feel extreme relief after we're done, and have been sleeping better than I have for a long time. I'm also noticing more mobility in my ankles, arches and toes, which has helped me advance my training and meet my own personal goals. The FaceZone also just feels really nice - like a deep tissue massage on your face. It's wonderful. Thanks, Jess!

Sierra   |   Midway, UT

Thanks to Jess, zoning has been a valuable and interesting discovery in my life.

It has opened my mind and lifestyle to many possibilities of healing, learning and growth. Jess

makes the zone so comfortable, insightful and easy to understand. After my first session, there

was a noticeable difference in how I felt physically, emotionally and mentally. It was so

easy—like taking a deep breath that I had been craving. It is such a comfortable practice with

Jess, and it has really influenced my life for the better. Many thanks to zoning and this

wonderful zonologist!

Hallie   |   Provo, UT

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